The IDF's new uniforms
The IDF's new uniformsIDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF has decided to equip its elite units with brand new uniforms that are akin to the kind used by special forces worldwide.

The uniform will be specially adapted to each soldier's combat equipment and will be made of a rigid, fireproof and sweat-proof fabric with a built-in protection layer for the knees, using human engineering that prevents pressure points on the body.

The IDF says that the uniform will improve the effectiveness, the operations and the performance of the soldiers over time

The IDF is reportedly interested in revamping the uniforms it issues to combat soldiers, believing that the non-dress 'Bet' uniforms need a major overhaul. According to reports, the IDF will roll out a new camouflage uniform in the coming months that includes major changes, such as putting each soldier's name and rank on the new fatigues.