South Tel Aviv residents protest migrants
South Tel Aviv residents protest migrantsFlash 90

Thousands of left-wing Israelis are expected to descend on South Tel Aviv this Saturday night for a massive rally protesting Israel's scheduled transfer of African migrants to an unnamed African country.

Sheffi Paz, who heads the anti-illegal immigrant "Front for the Liberation of Southern Tel Aviv", told Arutz Sheva that she hoped that the counter-demonstration she is planning will dwarf the large turnout expected at the anti-transfer rally.

"Their demonstration is the most disgusting, disturbing, and evil thing that can be done against the residents of South Tel Aviv," said Paz. "They want the government to leave the infiltrators here and this is going to be a huge demonstration...We do not need permits, This is my home and I will defend against the invaders of my house," she vowed.

"They are doing the demonstration on the day of the murder of Esther Galili, who was murdered eight years ago by a drunk infiltrator ... They are dancing on our blood," continued the activist. "They live in the fantasy of a beautiful world with love and without borders, but we live in a very specific Israeli reality of daily existential struggle."

Israel's government has been subjected to an increasingly vocal campaign urging the government to scuttle its plan to deport illegal African infiltrators. Under the plan, roughly 20,000 of the 40,000 infiltrators who entered Israel illegally, mainly Eritreans and Sudanese, will have until the end of March to leave voluntarily with compensation. Anyone still in the country after that date will be arrested and deported without compensation.

However, many left-wing public figures argued that the infiltrators should be allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds, arguing that Israel is effectively sending them to their deaths by transferring them to a third country.

Israeli residents of southern Tel Aviv - where most of the infiltrators live - have long complained of their presence, the increased crime rate endangering Israeli citizens, and the city and Supreme Court's preference for infiltrators over Israeli citizens. The government's current plan has been approved by the Supreme Court, after all its previous objections were complied with by the Justice Department.