Youth signing letter to PM
Youth signing letter to PM Shomron Council

Residents of the town of Har Bracha in Samaria, still reeling from the murder of a local rabbi and father of four, Itamar Ben Gal, have called upon the Prime Minister to respond to the terror attack which took Ben Gal's life by declaring his home town a full-fledged city.

"We ask you, Mr. Prime Minister, to do everything to stop the next murder, we want no more orphans, no more broken families, no more friends who have no father," the teens wrote to Netanyahu.

The letter added that it was very difficult to deal with the wave of terror: "We are now experiencing a horrendous period of terror and violence, which has taken the lives of two holy martyrs in Samaria."

To read the full letter in Hebrew click here.

At the end of the letter, the youth asked the Prime Minister, "Strengthen the settlement, strengthen the Land of Israel and strengthen the people of Israel, give an answer to this terrible terror - authorize building in Har Bracha and turn it into a city."

The youths thereby join demands of the Prime Minister by the widow and family mourning the murder of Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, also voiced by Samaria Council head Yossi Dagan: "This is the only consolation," he said, "that this government must be brave, and take true Zionist action: Answer this despicable murder by building a city in Samaria."