Amichai arises
Amichai arises Binyamin Spokesman

New caravillas were assembled today in the new settlement Amichai built for the residents of Amona in Binyamin, evicted from their homes close to a year ago. Most Amona families have been living in one-room facilities in a school dormitory in the town of Ofra since the demolition.

The residents are expected to enter the houses in about three weeks, and construction of the permanent homes will begin.

העבודות להקמת היישוב החדש עמיחי

Amichai was established on a hill in the eastern part of the Shilo bloc between the communities of Shvut Rachel and Adi Ad.

The Binyamin Regional Council said in a statement: "We are privileged in this auspicious time to see the first houses being built on the ground in the new community of Amichai. After endless efforts for more than a year [to bring this to fruition], a 48-hour operation has begun for constructing 36 structures in Amichai.

"For the first time since the establishment of the settlement enterprise, a new community has been officially established at the initiative of the State and by the Regional Council. After a long struggle by the residents of Amona and the tremendous efforts of the head of the Benjamin Regional Council and its employees, we are privileged to see the establishment of a new community in Judea and Samaria."

Amichai arises
Amichai arises Flash 90

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) sent a greeting to the Amona evacuees this morning and encouraged Amona evacuee HQ head Avihai Boaron, noting that he is "happy the tractors are returning to Amichai. We must continue to act to provide a complete solution for the residents of Amona."

"We will continue to build for the evacuees of Amona and I welcome the progress, but it took too long," stressed the Agriculture Minister and promised, "We will act with all our might. There will be no replay of Amona in terms of the duration of the temporary arrangement and the way in which the residents of Amona lived."

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