Funeral of Shilo Siman Tov
Funeral of Shilo Siman Tov Shomron Council

Golani Brigade fighter Staff Sergeant Shilo Siman Tov, who was killed in the fatal road accident on Highway 6, was laid to rest on Tuesday at the Segula cemetery in Petah Tikva.

Siman Tov, a resident of Tzufim in Samaria, is survived by his parents and six brothers.

Siman Tov's father, Uzi, said, "Shilo was a man of giving and volunteering, in his life and death he saved lives."

His sister, Rotem, eulogized him, saying: "The person I loved most in the world, I looked forward to the moment you would wake up from your heavy coma and laugh at all of us for waiting and say 'I was just sleeping.' I wanted to tell you about the test I didn't pass. Blessed is He who wanted you more, you prevented a greater disaster, and you will protect us from above."

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said at the funeral: "Shilo was among the best of Samaria's youth, and he was a pioneer in the fields of settlement, volunteering, and giving for the benefit of the public. The greatest of the settlement's crop, he was all about volunteering and giving for the common good, volunteering in associations for special needs; how much he contributed, worked, acted, and influenced people to do good for others.

"I was privileged to know him and to hear about him, both in terms of volunteering and as a player in the Shomron Leagues. His smile, joy, and good heart made him beloved by all. He was mild-mannered, pleasant, with love of Israel, beloved by the Tzufim community and beloved among his many friends," Dagan said.

Sgt. Shilo Siman Tov's organs were transplanted to six people overnight, saving their lives.

Shilo's heart was implanted in Sheba Hospital in a 59-year-old patient. Also, his lungs, liver, and one of his kidneys were implanted in patients at Beilinson Hospital. In addition, a kidney and a liver lobe were transplanted into an 11-year-old boy and a two-and-a-half-year-old infant at Schneider Children's Hospital.

Shilo's death was determined yesterday at Tel Hashomer hospital after he was injured in the fatal road accidenton Highway 6 near the Nitzanei Oz interchange last week.

In the accident, which took place on Tuesday, Sergeant First Sergeant Bar Yakobian and First Sergeant Asher Tasspo were also killed. Nine other people were injured in an accident, one moderately and eight lightly.

In the accident, a truck collided with a southbound convoy of Hummer military vehicles. The truck driver, an Arab from east Jerusalem, was interrogated by the police.