Shiloh Siman-Tov
Shiloh Siman-TovCourtesy of the family

Sgt. Shiloh Siman-Tov's organs were transplanted into six people overnight, thus saving their lives.

Shiloh’s death was confirmed yesterday at Tel Hashomer hospital after he was critically injured in the fatal road accident on Highway 6 near the Nitzanei Oz interchange last week. Doctors battled non-stop to save his life, but were forced to declare his death.

His funeral will take place today, Tuesday, at 2:30 pm at the Segula cemetery in Petah Tikva.

In the marathon transplant surgeries which took place across the country Siman-Tov’s heart, lungs, liver, two kidneys were transplanted. A liver lobe was transplanted a two-and-a-half year-old girl.

Siman-Tov’s father said sadly, "He saved life in his life and in his death. Shiloh was on loan to us for 23 years. He was a wonderful child who always volunteered. It seems the Holy One, Blessed be He wanted Shiloh by his side.”

Siman-Tov, a resident of the community of Tzofim in Samaria, left behind his parents and six brothers.

In the vehicular accident, which took place last Tuesday, First Sergeant Bar Yakubian and First Sergeant Asher Tespo were also killed. Nine other people were injured in the accident, one moderately and eight lightly.

During the accident, a truck collided with a convoy of Hummer military vehicles on its way from the North to the South. The truck driver, an Arab from eastern Jerusalem, was arrested for questioning and police are investigating the cause of the tragic incident..