Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth was guest of honor at this evening's Arutz Sheva conference on US-Israel relations organized by Dr. Joe Frager in cooperation with "Young Israel".

Hegseth began by speaking about "three things that Americans need to remember":

"One, is that history is not over. The trajectory of life continues."

The second point, Hegseth says, is that "America is not inevitable. A lot of Americans assume that because America is the richest and most powerful and bountiful country in the world, that this will just perpetuate itself. We live comfortably with two oceans on our east and our west, and Canada and Mexico on our north and our south, and we sometimes get very complacent in our understanding that America will always be the world's superpower, capable of wielding our influence economically, politically, or diplomatically as we see fit."

"This room understands that history is not over, and that nothing is inevitable in this world. More than anything else, standing in this hotel, in this very city, in this very country, it's palatable, that sense. It's part of that sense of purpose that draws me back to this country and to the eternal bond that we share between our two nations.

"The third thing is that if the 21st Century, the century we are in, is not led by Americans and free peoples - Americans, Israelis, and others - then this century will not be a free century.

"I don't have to tell this room what the world went through in the 20th Century to be where we are today. Wars, holocausts, wars for independence, that put us in this very room today. If the 21st Century is not led bravely by free men and free women principally, America, Israel, and our limited number of partners in this world, then the 21st Century could very well be dark. History is not over. America is not inevitable. And while Israel and the Jewish People may live eternally, the status of this state is by no means inevitable, as everyone in this room knows.

"So it is upon us as free people to make sure that we guard it at every turn, and fight to keep the 21st Century a free century."

Fox Anchor Pete Hegseth
Fox Anchor Pete Hegsethצילום: Miri Tzachi

Hegseth spoke about Iran: "All you have to do is look at how the Obama Administration addressed the issue of Iran vs. the Trump Administration, and of course the Obama Administration did everything they could to strike a horrific deal that creates an inevitable path to nuclear weapons. Funding to the tune of billions of dollars the hateful Iranian regime seeking 'death to America and death to Israel', as well as the continuation of the development of missiles with the capability of a nuclear capacity which threaten the very existence of America."

"That is what the Obama Administration gave the world. The Trump Administration, by contrast, has called out from Day 1 the actions of the Iranian regime, and stood steadfast by our Israeli partners, creating a moment that had brought about the opportunity for a declaration that came just months ago of Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel, and I'm very proud of what our President has done," Hegseth said.