Avner Netanyahu with his father
Avner Netanyahu with his father Flash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu's youngest son has found himself a new job. According to Yediot Aharonot, 23-year old Avner Netanyahu is now working as a waiter at a Jerusalem restaurant after returning from his post-army trip to New Zealand.

According to the report, Netanyahu is accompanied throughout his shift by an armed guard from the Defense Ministry. His mother Sara has already visited him at work and took a picture with all of the restaurant staff.

Unlike his older brother Yair, who has appeared in the headlines over the past year, Avner is considered quiet and publicity shy. Avner had gone a three month trip to Australia and New Zealand after being released from the IDF's Combat Collection Corps in January.

Avner Netanyahu had drafted into the IDF back in 2014 and made the headlines after he was injured during basic training. In 2010, Avner won Israel's Youth Bible Quiz, going on to win third in the International Bible Quiz.

It was reported that Avner grew close to Judaism from the influence of his grandfather Shmuel Ben-Artzi, Sarah's father, who late in his life began observing the commandments including Shabbat and kashrut (Jewish dietary laws). His uncle, Hagi Ben Artzi is observant. The Netanyahu family revealed in January that Avner also keeps Shabbat.