Kahlon and Netanyahu
Kahlon and Netanyahu Flash 90

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon addressed last night for the first time the police recommendation to indict Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in both the "Case 1000" and "Case 2000" investigations, involving allegations of gifts from wealthy businessmen and collusion with a newspaper publisher.

Kahlon hinted he did not intend to resign from the government because of the recommendations, and he approves of Netanyahu continuing serving in his position.

"I am aware of the public's feelings, on both the right and the left, about the police recommendations regarding the Prime Minister's investigations," Kahlon wrote on his Facebook page. "The law states that only the Attorney General may make decisions regarding the filing or non-submission of an indictment."

The Finance Minister added that until the Attorney General's decision, he will continue to lead the country's economy. "Until then, I will continue to lead and navigate the Israeli economy for the benefit of all Israeli citizens.

"I call on everyone - right and left - to stop attacks on the police and on the rule of law, and let the systems operate without pressure from right or left, and to function in an orderly, professional, and prudent manner."