Two IDF soldiers were injured after they accidentally drove into the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Jenin Monday afternoon, and were assaulted by a mob which attempted to break into their car.

The vehicle was pelted by rocks, smashing several windows and injuring the two soldiers inside.

Rioters attempted to force their way into the vehicle, and managed to steal one soldier’s gun, before the two soldiers were rescued. Both were treated after the incident, and have been listed in light condition.

The female soldier described the assault in an interview with Channel 2 Monday evening.

“The mob quickly surrounded us, broke our windows, and tried to injure us. It was absolutely a lynch,” the soldier said.

“All I could do was scream until someone came to rescue us.”

According to an initial investigation into the incident, the soldiers accidentally entered Jenin while using the Waze smartphone application for navigation. The driver apparently failed to deselect the option for including roads in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli security officials say PA police officers managed to prevent the lynch mob from causing more serious harm to the two IDF soldiers.