Hotovely consoling Ben Gal family
Hotovely consoling Ben Gal familySpokesman

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) arrived in the Shomron town of Har Bracha this morning to console the family of Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, who was murdered at Ariel junction last Monday.

Hotovely consoled the family and asked to hear from the widow Miriam stories about her husband who was an educator at the Bnei Akiva Givat Shmuel yeshiva.

"I'm here in the community of Har Bracha, in the mourners' tent. This community took a very great loss, Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal, a very welcoming and unique person." Hotovely said, "I sat here with Miriam and his parents. These are people who talk only about strengthening life and propagating good," said Hotovely.

"We are not people who seek vengeance but who seek life, and since this is our national mission, we want to increase building in this important community," stressed Hotovely, "'Our goal is that all our enemies know that the price of such murderous behavior is that the Nation of Israel will thrive and the State of Israel will increase building in this place."

חוטובלי בבית משפחת בן גל
חוטובלי בבית משפחת בן גלצילום: מוא"ז שומרון, רועי חדי

She expressed hope that Har Bracha would become a city. "The best start is to approve the construction plan here of 800 housing units. This is our mission - to strengthen the State of Israel and the Land of Israel, and we don't want to achieve it through terrorism - but all those who seek to weaken us through terrorism will know that we will not be weakened, but that you will have strengthened Jewish settlement here.

Itamar's mother told Hotovely, "Itamar thought about everything in a big way, he broke boundaries, he didn't stay in his limited framework. The message that needs to come from him is to break loose and increase. To leave the boundaries of the yishuv and grow; we've suffered a great loss here."

Shomron Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan told Hotovely: "I strengthen the family and support your words. In Shechem they must know that because of this murder there is a city here in Har Bracha; that's the price they pay for the murder."

Har Bracha mayor Yoni HaYisraeli thanked the Deputy Minister for the visit, "You are a friend and partner in our joint path. Today we're here following a difficult incident. We said it next to the fresh grave and we say to all senior government officials - here in Har Bracha a city will be established.

"With every such incident, they try to weaken us, but the reverse happens - it only strengthens us, motivates us, gives us strength, and so did Rabbi Itamar. He was full of strength and joy of life and spunk and energy which is all expressed here in Har Bracha. It's a dynamic and joyful community."

HaYisraeli said, "We are unusually strong. I want to tell all our enemies that from this crisis will only come growth and development and construction and another neighborhood and other buildings and with the help of G-d a city in Israel shall arise here."

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