Michal Rozin
Michal RozinFlash 90

Meretz MKs Mossi Raz and Michal Rozin on Thursday arrived at Rwanda's capital of Kigali intending to foil Israel's plans to transfer illegal job-seeking infiltrators there.

The two MKs will remain in Rwanda for four days, meeting with public figures and representatives of human rights organizations in order to encourage them to refuse the secret agreement between Israel and Rwanda.

According to Rozin, the purpose of the visit is to "expose to the public figures and human rights organizations' representatives the Israeli government's huge failure to deal with the asylum seekers. Instead of allowing them to submit a request for recognition as asylum seekers, instead of investigating the requests according to international law, and instead of revealing the agreements with 'third countries,' the government has decided to wave a sword over the heads of the refugees and asylum seekers, and to begin expelling them."

"Since we began our battle, many citizens have joined us. They, too, are unwilling for these refugees to be expelled in their name, or in our name. We will not allow this to happen before we have done everything we can [to stop it]."

On Tuesday, the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University published a "peace report" showing that 66% of all Israelis agree that the employment-seeking infiltrators should be returned to Africa as per the Israeli government's plan.

The report also showed that 78% percent of right-wing voters support the plan, along with 35% of center voters and 25% of left-wing voters. Fifty-five percent of Israelis and 60% of Jews believe that despite the Jewish nation's history of suffering from persecution and violence, Israel should not show extra kindness to the employment-seeking African infiltrators.

However, 50% of Israelis agree (and 43% do not agree) that the Israeli government must first of all check to see whether the Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators' requests to remain in Israel are legitimate, and to allow those whose requests are legitimate to remain.