Ahed Tamimi in court
Ahed Tamimi in court FLASH90

Supporters of Palestinian Authority teenager Ahed Tamimi, who harassed soldiers stationed in the PA village of Nabi Salih in December, are organizing an international day of support for Tamimi and other members of her family, slated to take place later this month.

On December 15, Ahed Tamimi, her cousin Nour Tamimi and Ahed’s mother Nariman Tamimi confronted two IDF soldiers stationed in Nabi Salih following the outbreak of riots in the area.

In footage of the incident that went viral, the Tamimis can be seen pushing, kicking, slapping, and shouting at the soldiers, who do not respond to the provocations.

Ahed Tamimi was later arrested on December 19, and was indicted on January 1. A total of 12 charges were included in the indictment against Ahed, spanning 6 different incidents. The charges include aggravated assault, interfering with army operations, incitement, making threats, and throwing stones.

Nour and Nariman Tamimi were also indicted over the incident. Nour was released on bail on January 5, while Ahed and Nariman remain in custody.

In a Facebook post, the “Free the Tamimis Campaign” calls on anti-Israel groups to hold demonstrations of support for the Tamimis, and “all Palestinian prisoners,” in a “global day of action” on February 18.

“The Tamimi family and the village of Nabi Saleh are targets of a political campaign that aims to crush their resistance to the Israeli settler colonial regime,” the announcement reads. “The Free the Tamimis Campaign calls on Palestine’s allies, comrades and supporters around the world to take action and demand the release of Ahed, Nariman, Mohammad and Osama [relatives also reportedly arrested by Israeli security forces], as well as all Palestinian prisoners.”

The campaign calls to hold protests in front of Israeli embassies and consulates and in local neighborhoods, to demand from local politicians “that they take action,” and to express support on social media.

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