Bennett at conference of directors of the religious Zionist institutions
Bennett at conference of directors of the religious Zionist institutions Elior Ben Haim

Jewish Home chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett spoke on Tuesday evening at the conference of directors of the religious Zionist institutions being held at the Dead Sea, and eulogized Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, who was murdered in Monday's terrorist attack near the city of Ariel.

Bennett said he had spoken with the head of the Givat Shmuel yeshiva where Rabbi Ben Gal taught, and heard praise from him about what a great educator Rabbi Ben Gal was.

"At every recess, on a regular basis, Rabbi Ben Gal would not take a break, but decided to take advantage of recess to sit with children who had a hard time at school. At first he worked with students from his own class and later on with students from other classes as well. Instead of going for coffee, he took advantage of the time to empower his students,” said the Education Minister.

"Time after time, when we lose wonderful people, and only a month ago we lost Rabbi Raziel Shevach, we realize that religious Zionism creates values of endless devotion, great love, faith and Torah."

"We love to criticize ourselves quite a bit,” Bennett continued, “but we also have to remember that this public is raising its children for a mission, for 'us' and not for 'me'. I think I have a great privilege. Everyone who is here today is the head of an institution, leaders who lead enormous institutions in religious Zionism."

"As part of the lessons learned from the disengagement from Gush Katif, which will be taught in schools this week, the public must conclude that engaging in politics is essential to advancing the values of religious Zionism. Political power is critical if you take it to worthy things. That's why I feel comfortable asking for help and political support,” he concluded.

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