Anti-deportation protest
Anti-deportation protestFlash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today identified Jewish billionaire George Soros as a patron of the widespread, orchestrated campaign against the government’s plan to deport African infiltrators.

A string of demonstrations have been held in protest of Israel's plan to remove illegal African infiltrators to Rwanda and Uganda. Under Israel's plan, male, unmarried employment-seeking infiltrators have until the end of March to leave voluntarily. Each will receive a plane ticket and $3,500 (2,900 euros) if they do so, and those who remain will face arrest. Bona fide refugees and men with families will not be required to leave.

Netanyahu made the statement during a meeting of Likud ministers, in response to Science Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) who said local aid organizations are funded by foreign governments and foundations.

“George Soros is also funding the protests,” Netanyahu said, according to leaks from the meeting carried by Channel 10. He reportedly added that former US president Barack Obama “deported two million infiltrators and they didn’t say anything.”

Hungarian government anti-Soros campaign
Hungarian government anti-Soros campaignReuters

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has regularly attacked Hungarian-born Soros in the last year, calling him a "public enemy" for his alleged backing of uncontrolled mass immigration.

Leftist Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg criticized Netanyahu's comments, accusing him of identifying with the Hungarian campaign against Soros.

“The prime minister’s decision to divert the heat to George Soros should concern all of us,” Zandberg said. “Over the past year, Hungary has seen an anti-Semitic campaign that was called out by the Foreign Ministry and has sparked fear in all Hungarian Jews. Netanyahu’s decision to inflame matters surrounding the anti-Semitic campaign and to connect himself with it is a direct continuation of the Likud’s dangerous ties with extreme right-wing parties in Europe.”

The Associated Press last year quoted Orban saying thatEuropean Union leaders and Soros are seeking a "new, mixed, Muslimized Europe".

In a speech broadcast by Hungarian state media last year, Orban repeated his claim that EU leadership was encroaching on member states' rights and trying to apply policies, such as increased immigration, which he said were opposed by most Europeans. Hungary has barred entry to the masses of migrant workers who have flooded Europe..