US President Donald Trump is considering making a declaration that will strike a blow to the Palestinian Authority, in light of its continued incitement to terror and refusal to negotiate with Israel.

According to a Channel 2 report, Trump will declare that he refuses to accept UNRWA's special status for the “Palestinian refugees" who, unlike all refugees of the world, who are expected to be absorbed in their new countries, are allowed to pass on their "refugee status" from generation to generation.

Senior officials in Israel who have been made aware of this possibility, say that it will be a direct continuation of Trump's declaration on Jerusalem and a great victory in the fight against the notion of a so-called “Palestinian right of return.”

In addition, Trump is considering suspending completely the transfer of UNRWA funds, currently in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and transferring the money to other UN organizations operating in Gaza instead.

State Department officials told Channel 2 that "the President said last week that all American aid to the Palestinians is under comprehensive review, and we have no announcements yet."