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After two days of rain and stormy weather, farmers in northern Israel are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Rabbi Yehoshua Van Dyke, who serves as the rabbi of the Ramat Magshimim moshav in northern Israel, said, "For over two months, we've been saying a special prayer for rain, and thank G-d, we have been answered."

"The amount of rain has almost reached half the annual average for this month, and farmers hope that the rain forecasted for Friday and Saturday will bring us to a total of 300 millimeters (11.8"), which is just about the annual average for this month.

"It's true that the average is low, because of the arid years, and there were years with an average of over 500 millimeters (19.7"), but still, the farmers are smiling. Until now, they were upset and worried. Now, we've received good news."

Friday will see rain, thunderstorms, hail, and strong winds in Israel's north and center. There may be flooding along the coastline. Snow will fall on Mount Hermon, and there may be snow on the tops of northern and central mountains.

During the afternoon, the rain will spread to the northern Negev, and there may be flooding near the Dead Sea and in the Judean Desert.

Friday night will see rainfall from northern Israel to the northern Negev, as well as isolated thunderstorms. There may be flooding along the southern coastline, as well as in the Judean Desert and near the Dead Sea. The rain will lessen gradually overnight.

Shabbat (Saturday) will be mostly cloudy, and there may be local rain from northern Israel to the northern Negev. There may be flooding in Israel's south and east. Temperatures will rise slightly but remain lower than seasonal average.

Sunday will be partly cloudy, and temperatures will rise slightly. There may be light local rain in Israel's north and center.

Monday will be partly cloudy, with light local rains in Israel's north and center.

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