Netanyahu and Pence
Netanyahu and PenceHadas Porush, Flash 90

US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday morning met Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at Netanyhau's office in Jerusalem.

"It is a great honor for me to be in Jerusalem, Israel's capital city," Pence said. "We are at the start of a new era, in which we will discuss how to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians."

"Honorable Vice President, for several years, I have had the great privilege of standing here and receiving hundreds of leaders. I welcome them in Israel's capital of Jerusalem. Yet this is the first time that I stand here and both of us can say, 'Israel's capital, Jerusalem,'" Netanyahu said.

"I want to thank US President Donald Trump for his historical declaration, which I know you supported and were proud of. I expect to speak with you, as previously, about how to continue strengthening our amazing bond, which has never been stronger. We will discuss our shared goal, and how to advance peace and security in our region.

"I welcome you, good friend, to Jerusalem. Welcome."