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Ireland's low-cost airline Ryanair has reversed its policy forcing passengers flying to and from Israel to pay for check-in bags after detractors accused the company of singling out Israelis.

According to the new policy, all customers on Ryanair flights to and from Israeli airports will be permitted to bring two free carry-on bags (one wheelie and one small) to the gate, subject to airport security permitting them to do so.

Earlier this week, Ryanair announced a change in its baggage policy in an attempt to free up space in its airplanes overhead bins. According to the new guidelines, passengers without priority boarding would be forced to stow their carry on underneath the plane for free.

However, in Israel, passengers were forced to pay €40 to check-in their wheelie-bags and €50 if they wanted to keep their bags until the flight. The policy caused chaos, as passengers showed up to the airport without knowing about the Israel-only rule changes. Detractors also wondered why Israel was being singled out by the company.

Ryanair claimed that the extra fees stemmed from the tight security that Israel imposes on both outgoing and incoming flights. The Israel Airports Authority dismissed those claims, telling Yediot Ahronot that it had not changed its security procedures.

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