Security forces at the Kishon Detention Center north of Haifa caught this morning, Wednesday, a Hamas terrorist trying to smuggle two cell phones into the center - one in each of the soles of his flip-flops, 0404 reported.

The phones, which were disguised in black wrapping, were found as the terrorist was being checked into the detention center.

The incident was transferred to Israel Police for further treatment.

In November, Israel Prison Service officers foiled an attempt to smuggle SIM cards and cellular phones to a terrorist held in the K'tziot Prison in the Negev, after they caught the terrorist’s 5-year-old son hiding the items in his underwear during a family visit.

The previous month, 5 employees of a canteen company that supplies refreshments and other goods to Israeli prisons were indicted after an undercover investigation revealed they were trying to smuggle cellular phones, chargers, earphones, and other items to jailed terrorists inside food and drink shipments.