Ahed Tamimi
Ahed Tamimi Hadas Porush/Flash 90

The Ofer Military Court of northwest Jerusalem ordered today that Palestinian Arab teenager Ahed Tamimi, who attacked soldiers in the PA village of Nabi Salih about a month ago, remain in custody through her trial.

The court also ruled that her mother would likewise be detained until the end of legal proceedings against her.

On December 15, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, her 21-year-old cousin Nour Tamimi and Ahed’s mother Nariman Tamimi confronted 2 IDF soldiers stationed in the town of Nabi Salih following the outbreak of riots in the area.

In footage of the incident that went viral, the Tamimis can be seen pushing, kicking, slapping, and shouting at the soldiers, who do not respond to the provocations.

None of the Tamimis were arrested at the time, but the IDF later arrested Ahed Tamimi on December 19, and Nour and Nariman Tamimi were arrested by Israeli authorities thereafter.

On December 31, the Ofer Military Court northwest of Jerusalem handed down an indictment against Nour Tamimi, charging her with aggravated assault and interfering with an IDF operation.

A day later, two more indictments were filed at the Ofer Court, this time against Ahed and Namiran Tamimi.

A total of 12 charges were included in the indictment against Ahed, spanning 6 different incidents. The charges include aggravated assault, interfering with army operations, incitement, making threats, and throwing stones.

Namiran was also charged with assault for her involvement in the December 15th incident, along with charges of incitement to terrorism for a series of social media posts, and a second count of assault stemming from a previous incident.

Today, in ruling to extend Ahed's arrest, the military court judge said, "I found no alternative other than to order her detention in custody until the end of proceedings."

"The gravity of the offenses of which she is accused do not allow an alternative to custody."

If convicted, Tamimi could face a lengthy jail term.

Nour Tamimi was released on bail on January 5 while Nariman Tamimi remains in custody.

Earlier this week, the testimonies of the soldiers involved in the incident in Nabi Salih were released.

In testimony given to military police, the officer involved in the incident explained that he and the other soldier, his signal operator, had arrived to the Tamimi residence to contain rock attacks on fellow soldiers following the outbreak of riots in the area.

“We knew that once riots break out, activists go into the courtyard of the [Tamimi] home and start throwing rocks at IDF forces," he said. "We therefore drew up to the place to prevent rocks from landing on the [forces'] route.”

“A short while later, the Palestinians noticed our positions and started lobbing the rocks at us. We could not ascertain who was throwing them, and so we entered the house's courtyard to prevent them from doing so," he continued.

He related that, after he and the other soldier entered the courtyard of the house and had been standing there for some twenty minutes, "Two girls, two older women and maybe eight more children and four adults came out. The two minors then came to us. They were speaking Arabic, which I can't understand and so I didn't know what they were saying.”

"One of the minors [Ahed], a blonde girl of 12 or 13, wearing a light denim jacket, started shoving, kicking and raising her hands at me. She slapped me and punched my signal operator in the face. The other minor [Nour] was less violent. She mostly pushed me. Then an older woman arrived, tried reining the girls in but wasn’t completely successful."

The officer explained that he didn’t ascribe much importance to the incident at the time. "I had to keep a lid on the riots. There were already two hotspots and I didn't want to create a third one by arresting them, since we didn't have enough forces in the field. I want to note I was preoccupied with the disturbances at the time and was listening to the signal operator, so I didn't pay the event much heed."

The officer also noted that he and the other soldier did not have enough backup at the time, which prevented them from arresting the attackers. "There were two more families behind them - roughly 12 people - and there were two of us. If we had arrested them, it might have ended badly for us. In addition, we were in the midst of a large scale disturbance with not enough manpower."

The other soldier involved in the incident told military police that he had “heard the curly haired minor [Ahed] was trouble, but I didn't recognize her then. Only later."