'Smile, it's all good' spray-painted on car
'Smile, it's all good' spray-painted on carIsrael Police spokesperson

"Price tag" graffiti were found scrawled on several vehicles at the entrance to the Arab town of Beit Iksa, north of Jerusalem.

Tires were punctured, and the words, "Death to Arabs," "Smile, everything's good," and "Administrative price tag" were spray-painted.

Israel Police has opened an investigation into the incident.

Beit Iksa is located in Area B of Judea and Samaria. In Area B, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has civil control but the IDF controls security. In Area A, the PA has full civil and security control, and in Area C, Israel has full civil and security control.

Arab towns are located throughout Areas A, B, and C, with only about 5% of Palestinian Arabs living in Area C, but all Jewish towns are limited, for both political and security reasons, to Area C.

'Price tag' in Beit Iksa. Credit: Israel Police spokesperson