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UN peacekeeper Flash 90

An Israeli Defense Forces medical officer, Captain A., was invited to serve as an adviser for a special course held by the United Nations Medical Services Division that will take place in Entebbe, Uganda next month.

The course is based on first response medical techniques used by the IDF.

Last year, as a result of an ongoing partnership initiated by Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon between the UN and the IDF, UN officials visited Israel to study the paramedic methods used by the Israeli military. The methods studied on that visit will now be incorporated into the special course at the UN training center for officers who partake in peacekeeping operations.

The officers trained in the UN course will also return to their respective countries ready to use the Israeli methods in their own training.

"The United Nations understands that Israel can contribute greatly to the international community with its vast knowledge and experience,” said Ambassador Danon. “We are proud to promote such important partnerships that enable Israel to share its advances with the rest of the world," the Ambassador continued.

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