Professor Moshe Sharon
Professor Moshe SharonEliran Aharon

Middle East expert Prof. Moshe Sharon of the Hebrew University spoke with Arutz Sheva about Mahmoud Abbas’ speech on Sunday night in which he spewed lies and incited against the State of Israel and the Trump administration.

“Between the lines of the speech, which was all ‘no, no, no,’ it’s as if he is saying ‘I have reached the end of the road.’ He didn’t have anything to recommend except empty words and the heated words of a desperate man. It is the speech of a man who has already lost everything, who has nothing to suggest in the peace process, and for whom the Oslo Accords have lost all meaning.”

He said that Abbas’ words slamming Trump were meant to win over the masses. “Abbas feels comfortable attacking President Trump because he sees how they attack him [Trump] in the United States with even more severe epithets, including the book that recently came out. He thinks that attacks on Trump and the US will make an impression on his audience, who will say, ‘What a macho president we have.’”

“He thinks that he will score more points like this in the streets, but there are also others in the PA who greatly fear the threat of halted US aid to the PA and to UNRWA.”

Prof. Sharon expressed apprehension for the day after Abbas. “The most important question is whether there will be free or almost free elections, and my feeling is that, if that happens, Hamas is likely to win a majority of votes, and then we are likely to have a ‘Hamasnik’ candidate.”

“The Palestinian people supports Hamas, because it seems to it that [Hamas] is the only body that succeeds in draining our blood. So if, until now, we have gotten used to a small anti-Semite, we are likely to receive a big anti-Semite.”