Rabbi Yaniv Hanya
Rabbi Yaniv HanyaBy PR

Rabbi Yaniv Hanya, a Tzfat native, loved computers and technology as a kid and never expected to become a rabbi.

Yet become a rabbi he did.

After running a successful program for youth from smaller towns to learn a bit of Torah before joining the army, Rabbi Hanya founded a program called Shoresh for online rabbinical questions and answers. Within a short period of time, he stumbled upon a side of the internet that he hadn't known: the deep, dark, dangerous side. Almost 60% of the questions he was sent were from kids and young adults who had fallen, some quite deeply, into this dirty pit. Rabbi Hanya was flabbergasted at the sheer volume. And he decided to do something about it.

Since then, the good rabbi has developed a number of software applications that help users stay away from this highly addictive and very dangerous side of the web. While he continues to answer questions online, he also lectures across the country to educators and other professionals about the impact the media can have on our thinking process, and about the challenges of the internet. In addition, Rabbi Hanya is pushing legislation to make clean internet the default in Israel. And he is doing all these things single-handedly.

Tune in to hear a fascinating yet disturbing story, and to get to know a man who has dedicated his life to tirelessly clean up the internet and the world.