Meah Shearim
Meah ShearimIsrael Police spokesperson

Israel Police arrested on Sunday night several people suspected of causing damage to a local computer store due to its "lack of kashrut (kosher status)."

The arrests took place in the haredi Beit Yisrael neighborhood in Jerusalem, and included a number of additional suspects who were interfering with police activity.

Those haredim the police originally intended to arrest are suspected of damaging the store due to its insistence on removing its "kashrut" approval, against the wishes of local haredi businessmen.

Although the word kashrut or kosher is normally used for food, its broader use is for activities or objects that are seen as halakhically problematic. In haredi circles, that might mean selling phones or computers without filters . The halakhically permissible mobile phones are known as kosherphones.

Last week, a group of haredi extremists physically attacked Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Yosef Deutsch and called him derogatory names.

Israel Police has opened an investigation on the issue.