Wadi Og
Wadi Og Flash 90

A father and son hiking in a stream in the Judean Desert were rescued on Saturday by Israel Fire and Rescue Services' Megilot Rescue Team.

The two were hiking when they noticed water coming towards them in the river's channel. They attempted to escape, but the son, 11, slipped and fell into the water, holding onto a rock until his strength gave out and he was swept away with the current.

The father, who jumped into the water to help his son, managed to catch up with him, and they waited two hours in the water until Megilot volunteers stationed along the river arrived. Working together with firefighters, paramedics used cables to extract the pair and transfer them in moderate condition to United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom teams.

The two received medical treatment and were transferred to Jerusalem's Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center, suffering from hypothermia.

Meanwhile, an IDF Combat Search and Rescue helicopter discovered four additional hikers not far from where the father and son were found. The hikers were instructed to wait where they were, and when the water went down, they were rescued and taken to a safe place.