Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, head of Machon Shilo, spoke about the current crisis surrounding North Korea: "Evil cannot and must not be appeased. One would have thought, with humanity's experience of dealing, or not dealing, in time with Hitler for example, that everyone would have understood by now that such manifestations of evil must be dealt with as soon as they appear. And the longer that good people, people with positive intentions, people with a moral sensibility, people who are truly peace-loving and seekers of the good, the longer such people wait to act, the more tragic and disastrous will the results be.

"It is clear for example in the case of Hitler and his regime that had they been confronted forcefully in the mid-30's then the Second World War and everything that flowed from it, with all its ramifications, with all its immense loss of life and destruction, the vast majority of that would have been avoided.

"Unfortunately the West today, which is heavily and seriously influenced by moral relativism led by the western liberal Left, which would like to belie that all human beings, and therefore by extension all regimes, all cultures, all civilizations, all political systems are well-intentioned and would like to sit down and discuss things and arrive at some modus vivendi, reach some understanding, and that all people would prefer the way of peace and morality and prosperity to the ways of war and aggression. That is a very naïve belief. It would be nice if it were true. But it is not true, and a mature, reasonable person knows that this is not the case."