Yochai Damari
Yochai DamariHar Hevron spokesperson

Yohai Damari, the head of the Mount Hevron Regional Council, spoke to Arutz Sheva about his friendship with Yaffi Glick, the wife of MK Yehuda Glick, who passed away yesterday after suffering a severe stroke six months ago..

"Yaffi was a close family friend. Many friends surrounded Yaffi along the difficult road of her life. She had a v complex life filled with many challenges, but she always had her optimistic side and always had a good word to say. This side was strong in faith. It was a side that knew how to look at the good and help people all the time. This is how she behaved in relation to her environment.. That was how she treated her family, and it was also her attitude toward herself," Damari said.

Damari said that her passing was the latest tragedy to strike the town of Otniel, near Hevron, which has suffered a series of terrorist attacks in recent years. "Unfortunately, the situation in Otniel deteriorated over the past years, and now Yaffi has also passed, to our great sorrow."

"We must now strengthen the [Glick] family, strengthen the new orphans who have unfortunately been added to the list [of orphans] in Otniel. And of course we must strengthen our dear friend Yehuda. G-d willing, I hope that the next period will be good despite the challenges we face."