Yehuda and his wife Yaffi
Yehuda and his wife Yaffi Miriam Tzachi

Shai Glick, the nephew of MK Yehuda Glick and head of the Jewish rights organization B’Tsalmo, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the MK’s wife, Yaffi, who passed away yesterday morning after suffering a severe stroke.

“Yaffa was a woman who was radiant to everyone. Their home was always open. She was the light of the house, and was also responsible for many people in the Har Hevron region. Her name preceded her.”

“She was someone who went through a lot in her life,” Glick said. “Her first husband passed away from a serious illness, and she was beside him until his death. Later, she went through what happened with Yehuda when they tried to assassinate him.

“They have many children and grandchildren, including two adopted children, and even before that they served for about a decade as a foster family for the six children of the Ames family, whose parents were murdered in a terror attack in the Har Hevron region. The children were left without parents, and they took them in and adopted them. They were a beacon of giving. Everyone who met them was amazed at how much light they had.”

Glick told of Yaffi’s support for Yehuda throughout all of his toughest moments. “Yaffi stood beside Yehuda throughout the course of his public career, even in the toughest moments. Yehuda went through hard times in his life even before the assassination attempt. For years, they said he was crazy and called him the most dangerous man in the Middle East, falsely accused him of hitting an elderly woman, and wanted to put him in jail. The whole time, she stood beside him. She encouraged him even if she did not always agree with what he did, but she believed in his powers. When they tried to assassinate him and he was on the verge of death, she fought like a lion, standing by him and believing in him, while supporting an entire family in that most difficult period. When people came to visit Yehuda at the hospital, she received each and every one with such light that people couldn’t understand how she could have such inner strength and light. It was amazing.”

“Suddenly what happened happened, and we stood by Yaffi and prayed powerful prayers, hoping for a miracle. We would visit her, pray with her, sing with her - and then came the terrible news.

“This is a personal and familial tragedy, and we are truly sad today. Yaffi wrote a book of poems, and also took beautiful photographs that were published. She had the sensitive soul of an artist. We will remember only good things about her.”

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