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The population of Israel is 8,793,000 people, 75% of which are Jews, according to data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics ahead of the year 2018.

The data also indicated that some 180,000 babies were born in Israel in the past year. Of these, 73.8% were Jews, 23.3% Arabs, and 2.9% from other groups.

According to the data, some 27,000 new immigrants arrived in Israel over the course of the year 2017.

The main countries from which immigrants arrived were Russia (27.1%), Ukraine (25.5%), France (13%), and the US (9.8%).

Most of the immigrants, some 20,200 people, arrived from Europe (75%). 4,200 arrived from America and Ukraine (15%), 1,400 arrived from Asia (5.1%) and 1,200 from Africa (4.3%).