Scene of Jerusalem stabbing attack
Scene of Jerusalem stabbing attack Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

An indictment was filed today, Thursday, against the terrorist Yassin Abu al-Keraa, who carried out the stabbing attack at the central bus station in Jerusalem during which guard Asher Elmaliach was seriously wounded.

The 24-year-old terrorist, a resident of the village of Wadi Farah near Shechem, was illegally residing in Israel using an entry permit to the seam zone, which was issued to cross the separation barrier for work purposes.

According to the indictment, following the declaration by US President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the terrorist decided to kill as many Jews as possible in Jerusalem, be killed in the process, and thus become a "shahid."

The indictment indicated that the terrorist was inspired to carry out the attack by his education in a Palestinian Authority school.

On the night before the attack, the terrorist uploaded a post to his Facebook account in Arabic, the main part of which he remembered from his school days.

“For Allah’s sake we rose up, we wish to raise the banner…to let our religion [Islam] exult once again, and to make the Al Aqsa Mosque [on the Temple Mount] once again be resplendent.”

“Please let our blood be spilled – for it is of little matter to spill one’s blood for our homeland, for Jerusalem, and for the Al Aqsa Mosque.”

Later, while traveling to Jerusalem to carry out the attack, the terrorist wrote a "will" which he saved on his cell phone. The wording of the will, which he remembered from school textbooks and which he intended to upload to Facebook before committing the attack, said, "My brother, take care of mother and father, and woe to you, my sister, if you worry for me. For the homeland I sacrificed my blood, all for you, Palestine."

Shin Bet security forces noted in response that "this attack emphasizes the deep incitement to which Palestinians in Judea and Samaria are exposed, and the influence of material learned in PA schools as a spur and inspiration for terror attacks against Israelis."