IDF forces at Joshua's Tomb
IDF forces at Joshua's TombIDF spokesperson

IDF security forces on Wednesday night secured the entrance to Joshua's Tomb, allowing 1,000 Jews to pray at the site.

The tomb is located in Kafr Kifl Haris, an Arab village in the Efraim Region of Samaria.

As the Jews prayed, Arabs rioted outside, throwing firebombs at security forces. Aftewards, things continued calmly.

Unconnected to the riots, while searching the Arab village of Kafr Jalamah in the Menasheh Region, IDF forces confiscated a vehicle and terror funding worth thousands of shekels.

IDF, Shabak (Israel Security Agency), Border Police, and Israel Police arrested 14 wanted suspects in Judea and Samaria. All those arrested are suspected of involvement in terror activities, "lone wolf" terror attacks, rioting, and violent activity aimed at Israeli citizens and security forces.