Haredi protest (illustration)
Haredi protest (illustration) Corinna Kern/Flash90

12 suspects were arrested in Beit Shemesh Monday in a massive fraud case involving a fake yeshiva.

According to the authorities, the suspects created a fake yeshiva and registered 150 'students' in order to receive government funding in the form of Education Ministry stipends and scholarship funds, Yeshiva World News reported.

The suspects allegedly pocketed over NIS 1,000,000 ($287,000).

During a routine inspection, Education Ministry officials found a pile of rubble at the address given for the yeshiva. The officials filed a complaint with the police and undercover detectives, who discovered that the yeshiva and its 150 students did not exist.

Haredi protesters clashed with police as they attempted to apprehend the suspects Monday. Rioters shoved police officers and threw eggs at them. The police responded with pepper spray.

The suspects were arraigned and taken in for questioning, Several suspects were released under restrictive orders.

The suspects are accused of obtaining defrauded money under aggravated circumstances, conspiracy to thievery, and money laundering.

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