Volatile in Gaza
Volatile in Gazaצילום: Flash 90

An assessment by the defense establishment and the IDF about the Gaza situation was heard at a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Channel 2 news reported this evening.

According to the report, the ministers were told at the meeting that circumstances in the Gaza Strip are reminiscent of events that preceded operation Protective Edge in 2014.

The senior officials warned ministers that the Gaza situation was volatile and that although Hamas had no interest in opening another round of fighting, circumstances could nevertheless lead to it.

The situation assessment is based on a combination of the worsening humanitarian situation, failure to pay salaries for several months, public disappointment that built expectations on the stalled PA-Hamas reconciliation agreement, and the "Jerusalem Effect".

Another noted factor that could lead to Hamas soon launching another round of hostilities is frustration at the IDFs neutralizing Hamas tunnels and punishing it for rockets being fired into Israel. Hamas is the de-facto ruler of Gaza, and the IDF holds it responsible for attacks from the Strip, even if they are allegedly committed by other organizations.

At the end of the discussion, Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed the head of the National Security Council to formulate a desirable course of action and present it to the cabinet within three weeks.