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The Hesder yeshiva in Sderot began as a small institution but over the years it has taken on near-legendary proportions. For 25 years now, the yeshiva has grown and developed. Perhaps because of the days of Kassam rockets and the fighting in the Gaza vicinity the yeshiva served, and still serves, as a source of strength, leadership, and benevolence.

With the increase in the number of students (about 900 learn in the yeshiva and its branches), the yeshiva saw that they must expand the building in order to allow proper facilities and a Beit Midrash to accommodate all the students.

In order to complete the campus, the yeshiva started a 48-hour campaign of intensive fundraising on the Causematch website. In this framework, the yeshiva's donors pledge to quadruple each sum donated so that every dollar donated (with the needed target of $1 million) will actually be worth four dollars.

The yeshiva hopes and believes that after many years in which it was home to hundreds and thousands of students and served as a place of Torah, leadership, and kindness that influenced the entire city of Sderot, all of the Yeshiva's friends and supporters will assist in this important time.

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Translated by Mordechai Sones