Katz at conference
Katz at conferenceMinister's Spokesman

Intelligence and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz took part in the Calcalist economic conference on Monday and spoke about the Palestinians' misunderstanding of the reality on the ground.

"Less than a month since President Donald Trump's historic recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Guatemala today announced that it is also joining in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will transfer its embassy to there. On the other hand, Abu Mazen is behaving like the Arab and Palestinian leadership of old. He doesn't recognize the decision, denies the right of the Jews to a state and declares war, diplomatically for now, against the United States and Israel," Katz said.

He added that "Abu Mazen is boycotting the visit of US Vice President Mike Pence, and is instructing [Palestinian officials] to sever contact with all his representatives. Abu Mazen is euphoric, like the captain of the Titanic who celebrated the voyage, with Erdogan and Khamenei breathing wind in his sails, not comprehending that if he doesn't come to his senses, he's going to drown and sink into the abyss of history."

"A political tsunami was placed at Abu Mazen's door and he's convinced that it is a passing breeze," warned Minister Katz.

"Abu Mazen will be defeated in the diplomatic campaign just as Arab leaders and armies were defeated during the War of Independence in 1948. Israel will never give up Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people for 3000 years - and forever," the Minister concluded.