BDS and guillotine at Tel Aviv rally
BDS and guillotine at Tel Aviv rally Yishai Friedman, Makor Rishon

Hundreds of leftist activists demonstrated against corruption on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv on Saturday night.

This is the fourth consecutive week of demonstrations in Tel Aviv, which have been dubbed the “March of Shame”. Previously, demonstrations took place near the home of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in Petah Tikva.

Alongside the demonstration, a group of BDS supporters carrying signs also gathered in Habima Square. One of the protesters was seen carrying a mock guillotine, causing an uproar, with the Likud saying it was incitement to murder the prime minister.

"The guillotine tonight at Rothschild is incitement to the murder of Prime Minister Netanyahu, along with derogatory remarks against Zionism," the Likud said. "The leftist demonstration on Rothschild Boulevard crossed all the red lines."

Meanwhile, another anti-corruption demonstration was held in Jerusalem, this one organized by journalist Yoaz Hendel, Netanyahu’s former communications director. The keynote speech at that rally was delivered by former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

Former National Union MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad said at the Jerusalem demonstration, "I want to ask all those who call us 'useful idiots,' perhaps those right-wingers who are so devoted to protecting Netanyahu to the fullest will cause the Likud to deal with a heavy corruption stain in the next elections?”

“Government corruption,” he continued, “could be an existential threat. And the proof is in the case of Ariel Sharon. The right knew that he was corrupt but applauded him as long as he established settlements. When he was caught in his corruption and went to the spin of the Disengagement from Gaza to get the media and the State Prosecutor's Office off his back, it was too late for the right to stop him. My lesson from that was never to accept governmental corruption even when the ruler is a 'rightist.'"

The Likud criticized both the leftist demonstration in Tel Aviv as well as the rightist demonstration in Jerusalem, saying, “The right does not buy this trick. Everyone understands that this is not a demonstration against corruption, but a satellite protest of the left-wing demonstration on Rothschild, under the auspices of Eldad Yaniv and Noni Mozes, the sole purpose of which is to bring down the Likud. Right-wing voters are not impressed by a handful of naive people and persons of interest who cooperate with the left and they will not repeat the mistake of toppling the Likud government and bringing yet another Oslo disaster to the State of Israel."

credit: ישי פרידמן, מקור ראשון
credit: ישי פרידמן, מקור ראשון

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