Yihya Sinwar
Yihya SinwarReuters

A senior leader in the Islamist terrorist movement Hamas warned Thursday of the potential collapse
of a reconciliation agreement made with political rivals Fatah.

"The reconciliation is collapsing and everyone must intervene to save it," Yahya Sinwar, the Gaza head of Hamas, told a meeting of young people.

"We took major steps to achieve reconciliation and we offered a lot of concessions, but the reconciliation is still in the same place."

Under an Egyptian-brokered deal Hamas was meant to hand over control of Gaza to the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority government, which is dominated by Fatah, by December 10.

But the deadline passed and the Islamists still maintain control in the enclave.

The PA has assumed responsibility at checkpoints between Gaza and neighbors Israel and Egypt,
but Hamas is still fully in control of the police and security apparatuses.

Fatah officials accused Hamas of refusing to give up real power, while Hamas said Fatah was not really committed to the process.

A key sticking point was the future of Hamas's vast armed wing.

Hamas seized control of Gaza in a 2007 near civil war.

The United Nations has warned failure of the reconciliation would risk another round of conflict.

The Hamas terrorist organization has fought three wars with the Jewish state since 2008.