Gila Gamliel
Gila GamlielSpokesperson

Minister for Social Equality Gila Gamliel (Likud) offered up a full-throated condemnation of Labor head Avi Gabbay and Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid for flip-flopping on different policy issues.

Speaking at a conference in Eilat for communications consultants, Gamliel ripped Gabbay and Lapid for posing as right-wing when it is politically convenient. "Only two weeks ago, I saw Lapid and Gabbay competing with each other over who cares more about Jerusalem," said Gamliel.

"This morning, I heard Lapid bemoaning the heavy price we had to pay for getting the declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. This is the same decision he praised only two weeks ago. I sit in the Knesset and I don't know which Yair I'm going to see next. Is it the right-wing Yair who fights BDS, or the religious Yair who went to the Western Wall, or the anti-haredi Yair?" Gamliel asked rhetorically.

Gamliel also ripped Avi Gabbay, pointing to a debate between Gabbay and the then-fellow contender for Labor Chairman Eral Margalit in which Gabbay claimed to have never voted for the Likud party despite having said that he had in an earlier television interview.

"He forgot. He doesn't remember if he is or isn't part of Likud," said Gamliel sarcastically. "Sometimes he is left wing, sometimes he is part of the right, sometimes he wants more regulations and sometimes he says he believes in the free market."

"Why did he say that the Likud is a corrupt party two weeks ago simply because Netanyahu is being investigated by police? I want to remind you that when Gabbay was CEO of Bezeq, not only was he investigated but he was even given house arrest for five days," she continued.

"Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt, including Netanyahu."

Gabbay had been investigated by police in 2005 as part of a police probe into allegedly illegal business practices by the Bezeq telecommunications company he headed. During the period he worked there, the company was privatized and he is said to have earned about 50 million NIS ($14.1 million).