Arab lynching scene
Arab lynching sceneFlash 90

The prosecution filed a first statement against an Arab rioter who was part of a lynch mob that attacked a group of Israeli schoolchildren on a Bar Mitzvah hike.

About 25 children and two adults were taking part in the hike in Samaria last month when they were attacked by a mob of local Arabs who shouted and threw stones at them. The group was forced to take refuge along the steep cliffs nearby, thus facing danger to their lives both from the rocks thrown at them and the dangerous terrain. They were able to find shelter in a nearby cave.

When the attack continued, one of the adults chaperoning the children drew his weapon and fired at the mob, killing one of the attackers. He was interrogated by law enforcement officers, but released.

Two Jews were injured in the attack.

The IDF arrived after over an hour had passed, during which the Arab rioters demanded the hikers' mobile phones and backpacks and the frightened, traumatized youngsters relinquished them.

The prosecution filed the statement against one of the Arabs for throwing a stone at the father of the Bar Mitzvah boy's head during the attempted lynching, injuring him.

In addition, on Monday, the military court extended the detention of 11 additional rioters, and in the coming days the military prosecution is expected to submit to the court additional prosecutor's statements against them.

The Honenu legal organization congratulated the military court for the prosecution, but criticized the conduct of the police for deciding to conduct the investigation at the Ariel police station and not at the central unit of the Judea and Samaria division, the venue for investigating serious incidents.

Honenu stated that "This is a serious incident which the Israel police did not take seriously."

Attorney Chaim Bleicher, who is legal counsel for the victims, added that "this is an important step, but an initial one. Dozens of rioters, possibly hundreds, on two separate occasions, set out to attack children and other Jews. All this happened in broad daylight, with no hesitation and without fear. "

"This is a case in which the Israel Police and IDF authorities must bring to justice each and every one of the rioters. We expect that any offender who took part in the incident to be put on trial and end up behind bars," concluded attorney Bleicher.