Shaked Flash 90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked relates in an interview to Arutz Sheva to the Supreme Court decison preventing the security establishment from holding terrorist bodies as bargaining chips: "Let it be clear that the government does not intend to return the bodies of Hamas terrorists to Hamas as long as our citizens and the bodies of our soldiers are in their hands.It just will not happen."

As for measures currently available to the government, she says: "There are two possibilities, either to enact a law or to a request for another hearing. After reading and studying the law, the Legal Advisor and the other ministers believe that we need a request for another hearing. The minority opinion is much more logical and correct.We will not oppose the defense regulations as claimed by the majority opinion.These are protective regulations on the basis of which we held the bodies.These are good regulations and we will use them.It is not for nothing that we use them and we will not accept a judgment that will void them.We will therefore submit a request for further discussion."

If in an additional hearing the law is rejected, says Shaked, then a new law will be passed."We don't want this, we think it's unnecessary, we think the defense regulations are sufficient."Shaked adds that there is no concern that the Supreme Court will argue that it is impossible to enact a law retroactively, since the six-month provision to implement the directive makes it clear that new legislation will enable the matter to be retroactively regulated.

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