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MDA ambulanceMDA spokesperson

A four-year-old child fell to his death from a Beit Shemesh balcony Sunday afternoon.

The balcony was on the fourth floor of the boy's house.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics performed CPR on the child, but were forced to declare his death at the scene.

"When we arrived at the location, bystanders told us that the boy had fallen from a balcony on the fourth floor to the yard of a garden apartment in the building. We climbed with the medical equipment over the wall and saw that the child was unconscious. He was not breathing and had no pulse," said MDA paramedic Oshri Adari.

"We immediately began to provide him with medical care and to carry out resuscitation operations while at the same time the occupants of the building located the owner of the apartment, which was locked. We took the boy from the apartment while continuing CPR, but unfortunately his injury was very severe and we were forced to declare him dead."