Thermal camera mounted drone taking off
Thermal camera mounted drone taking offFlash 90

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU) has acquired a drone-mounted thermal imaging camera, which will upgrade the unit's ability to detect Arab terrorist movement in and around Jewish communities, and will significantly improve its ability to search for missing persons at night.

IDUs thermal camera
IDUs thermal cameraIsrael Dog Unit

The following video shows the IDU's first exercise utilizing the drone, which hovers 80 yards above a dog and handler team. The team searches for a person hiding a mile from their command center in the pitch dark. The images of the dog, handler, and decoy who lies behind a tree appear in the form of light outlines showing the body heat emanating from the dog and people.

Mike Ben Yaakov, IDU Commander, said "This fantastic upgrade to the unit, will G-d willing, help the IDU save many Jewish lives in Israel. Now, if we are called in to search for a terrorist who has already broken through the security fence of a community, or after the terrorist has been caught on camera or some other detection apparatus, we'll be able to send the drone up over the general area - even in the pitch dark - and locate the terrorist before he can carry out his planned massacre of a Jewish family, G-d forbid."

According to Ben Yaakov, "The unique camera on the drone joins with the tracking-dog or air-scent detection dog to seek and find the terrorist. While in the many massacres that were carried out by terrorists, such as those of the Salomon and Fogel families, there was early detection that alerted the military command centers, but the terrorist could not be located when the troops arrived!. Fences and other sophisticated electronic sensors alerted guards to an infiltration and even indicated which general area and zone were penetrated., but what good are multi-million dollar fences and sensors if they can't locate the terrorist?" asked Ben Yaakov.

Ben Yaakov (top, L) having new camera fitted
Ben Yaakov (top, L) having new camera fittedIsrael Dog Unit

"The millions of dollars of fences, sensors and cameras worked, but they could not stop the terrorist or detect where the terrorists were hiding once the troops finally arrived in the general area. The Israeli forces were unable to locate where the terrorists had gone.

"In the Fogel family massacre, the terrorists hid in the shelter of a nearby bush, undetected as the troops came and went. In the case of the Salomon family massacre, the terrorist wandered around for 20 minutes until entering their home and carrying out his carnage. A good patrol dog could detect the suspicious movement before the terrorist passes through the fence, and then could help track the terrorist down before or after he enters into a home.

"The thermal imaging camera on the drone combined with the use of a well-trained service dog makes an unbeatable combination in the war against terror and in the battle for early detection of a terrorist before he succeeds in murdering innocent men, women, and children," concluded Ben Yaakov.