A 35-year-old male, a security guard at Jerusalem's central bus station, was stabbed Sunday afternoon near the entrance of the station.

MDA medics who rushed to the scene treated the stab victim, whose condition is defined as serious.

He was evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in the city.

Police have identified the terrorist as a 24-year-old resident of the Palestinian Authority. The terrorist fled the scene immediately after the attack, but was later located and captured by security forces responding to the stabbing.

According to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center, the victim was sent to the hospital's trauma unit. He is sedated and connected to a respirator.

The area of the stabbing has been closed off.

MDA Senior EMT Hannanel Albo described the scene of the attack: “When I arrived on the scene there was commotion surrounding the entrance to the central bus station. A male around 30 years old was lying on the ground, partially conscious, suffering from a wound to his upper body."

"I provided him preliminary medical treatment. He was quickly evacuated in severe condition to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center for further treatment.

"Large MDA teams that arrived on the scene are currently providing treatment to eyewitnesses suffering from anxiety.”

Senior MDA EMT Rivka Or and MDA paramedic Pinhas Meir, who accompanied the victim to the hospital, related: “When we arrived at the scene, we identified a man of about 35 lying on the sidewalk near the entrance to the central bus station in Jerusalem. He was partially conscious and was suffering from a stab wound to his upper body."

"We transmitted him onto a mobile intensive care unit in order to urgently transport him to a surgery room. On our way to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center we continued to provide him with lifesaving medical treatment and in less than five minutes we were at the trauma room at the medical center. His condition was defined as 'serious.'"