Yigal Guetta
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Former MK Yigal Guetta, who was forced to resign from the Shas party after revealing that he had attended a homosexual wedding of a family member, will be embarking on a new career in the media.

According to the haredi Kikar Hashabbat website, Guetta turned down several jobs offered to him by Shas head Aryeh Deri, and will instead host a television show on Channel 12 and a radio program on Kan. The report said that Deri offered him the opportunity to become either Director General of Shas, mayor of the haredi Elad city and Majdal Shams local council chairman.

Guetta reportedly refused to accept any of the three jobs on the grounds that he did not want to continue in politics. Other reports suggested that Guetta is angry at Shas for forcing him out of the party and does not want to continue being part of Shas.

Guetta, who was seen as a key Deri ally, resigned from the Knesset in September after he was criticized for attending a gay wedding, an act which is seen as condoning a Torah prohibition. In a radio interview, Guetta related what transpired after his nephew invited him to the event..

"My entire family went to the wedding. I usually don’t tell my kids to what events they should go, but this time I told them attendance was mandatory," Guetta had said. "Beforehand, I told my kids: ‘We’re going to make him happy because he’s my sister’s son and I want him to be happy, but I want you to know that according to the Torah this [wedding] is forbidden and an abomination. I have no leeway on this,” he told Army Radio.

Guetta refused to apologize after a storm erupted in the haredi world, telling friends that he was prepared to do anything for family. "Every family has one haredi member and one secular one, but they embrace everyone and love everyone," said Guetta. "If my secular brother gets married, will I be forbidden to attend his wedding as well, because of the fact that he violates Shabbat in public?"

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