Cpl Yuval Greenburg
Cpl Yuval GreenburgIDF Spokesman

This morning (Monday) Corporal Yuval Greenberg, a combat soldier in Company C in the Erez Battalion of the Israel Police Force, prevented a terror attack.

During the routine morning shift at the Rachel crossing, staffed by soldiers from the Erez Battalion of the Military Police and other security forces, Yuval saw a woman who passed her bag through the x-ray machine and noticed a knife among her belongings.

"When I saw the knife in the machine, I acted according to procedures and reported it immediately, and the suspect was taken to continued investigation by security forces," says Greenberg. "When we thwart an attack, this highlights our important role as fighters at crossings."

The investigation revealed that the suspect was a 40-year-old woman who admitted she intended to carry out a stabbing attack aimed at an IDF soldier or civilian for nationalist reasons.

"Being a combat soldier is a complex and challenging task, but we're vigilant and examine most of the civilians and vehicles that pass through," Greenberg says.

Greenberg, 20, lives in Modi'in. Upon conscription he began the process of becoming a combat soldier and at the end of training he was assigned to the Erez battalion, responsible for security checks at crossings in the Jerusalem area alongside other security forces."The position is significant and important, and I'm pleased that I reached it. I thwarted an attack today; I feel I contributed to the security of the State."

Major Dor Twig, commander of Company C, proudly relates, "Since the beginning of the year, the company has thwarted a number of terrorist attacks thanks to the vigilance and professionalism of the soldiers, and every day we prevent weapons smuggling and entry of unauthorized residents, along with other critical security operations."

In the many crossings along the borderline, soldiers of the Military Police's Border Patrol who carry out security checks throughout the year thwart terrorist attacks and weapons infiltrations, and prevent unauthorized entry into the territory of the State of Israel, protecting resident's security and actually comprising a human shield for residents, alongside other security forces," added Twig.