Arab rioters from the village of Qusra in Samaria continued their attacks on Jewish activists who gathered outside the town Monday to protest the recent lynch attempt by villagers against a group of 25 Israeli school children last week.

Demonstrators gathered outside of Qusra Monday morning in a protest organized by the Otzma Yehudit party were attacked by stone-throwers and barred from approaching the village.

In the afternoon, rioters from Qusra continued to hurl rocks at demonstrators and soldiers, and even rolled boulders at activists gathered outside of the village.

Last Thursday, a group of 25 13-year-olds were attacked by dozens of residents from Qusra, who hurled rocks at the young hikers, forcing them to retreat into a nearby cave. Two parents, armed with a pistol and a rifle, who had accompanied the students were injured, and one was forced to surrender his weapon to the terrorists after being struck in the face with rock.

After trapping the children in the cave, the mob forced the young hikers to surrender their backpacks and cell phones, and sprayed pepper spray on them while threatening to murder them.

None of the assailants involved in Thursday’s attack have been arrested, nor has any of the stolen property been returned.