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Super Pharm branch צילום: Moshe Shai/FLASH90

MK Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home), a resident of Elkana in Samaria, sent a furious letter to Nitzan Lavi, director of the Super Pharm chain, under the heading "Discrimination in Services for Judea and Samaria Residents".

In his letter the MK says, "I learned today that Super Pharm provides a delivery service to the customer's home."

However, continued Slomiansky, the company's webpage on shipping and distribution policy lists communities eligible for delivery service, and also names the communities that are not eligible ("delivery to the customer's home - Section A").The list of ineligible communities begins with Judea and Samaria communities as well as the city of Eilat.

"I understand that Eilat is not included in the distribution list because of its geographical distance and the difficulty in providing services to the area, but to my surprise, all communities in Judea and Samaria are categorically ineligible for the deliveries you provide, resulting in prohibited discrimination."

Slomiansky cited the language of the law, which prohibits discrimination in providing services based on place of residence: "Whoever's business is in supplying a public service or service in operating a public place shall not discriminate in supplying the product or public service in the place of business, due to place of residence.'

Slomiansky signed his letter "I will appreciate your prompt treatment to correct the injustice that is the subject of this letter."

Super Pharm did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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