Activist Baruch Marzel on Monday spoke about Thursday's attempted lynch and Monday's response by nationalists.

The Otzma Yehudit movement nationalists hiked on Monday in protest of Thursday's attempted lynch. Arab rioters hurled stones at the Jews, and IDF and Border Police officers were called in to deal with the issue.

In the lynch, 25 13-year-olds on a Bar Mitzvah trip were ambushed by a violent Arab mob. The Arabs stoned, the children, forced them to take refuge in a cave, and sprayed pepper spray at them. The group's lawfully armed escorts - two of the parents, both staff members at the children's school - fired at the terrorists, killing one of them.

Though the hike had been coordinated with army officials and received a green-light, it took the IDF an hour and a half to arrive at the scene and rescue the children.

Marzel slammed the IDF and police for being "busy fighting with the Jews, not to let them march in [Kafr] Qusra" instead of "taking care of the terrorists" after over 20 children "were almost massacred by violent Arab terrorists that came and attacked them."

"That's giving a prize to terror," he said.

Regarding Monday's stoning incident, Marzel recounted, "I was climbing up the hill and the police came...and told me that its a close military zone and took me out [sic]."

He emphasized that the "easiest thing to do" is "to move the Jews" - and this, he explained, is "why Arabs throw rocks."

"Nothing happened - not the police, not the army, did anything about it," he explained. "Why shouldn't they throw boulders on us when we come into their village?"

"If the police and the army would start doing what they're supposed to do, break the bones of the terrorists and put them in jail, they'll learn not to throw rocks - not on Jews, not on policemen, and not on soldiers," he concluded.